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Privacy Manifesto

A pledge for a healthy Digital-Self

It's Your Data for Your Benefit

Insights about your digital-self are only ever generated for your eyes only and nobody else.

We're Transparent

We’ll always be clear about what we do with any information you have provided us. If it changes, you’ll be the first to know.

You're in Control

You control the level of insight Visible provides about your digital-self. You decide what you are comfortable seeing. If you choose to share, that’s your choice too.

Privacy Baked In

Privacy is the first thought for all new product features. From idea to implementation, we collaborate with our community and are peer reviewed.

To Us, You Are Anonymous

We do not need to know who you are or have any way of contacting you to run our business.

Open Source

Our code is public, so you can be assured your data will remain private.

A Decentralised Architecture

We’ll give you our apps and services, so you won’t have to give us any of your data.