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Control how you're seen.

by AI, people and businesses online.

What is Visible?

Watch the video to learn more

See it in action.

A simple way to see your reflection in data

How it Works

Step 1


Cards show a private reflection of yourself. Search or filter to know how others see you.

Step 2


See your Visibility Score and know what data is driving decisions.

Step 3


Decide what data you want to be Visible, follow the actions to take control.

How does Visible fit into your life?

See yourself from a whole new perspective

How much of my life is public knowledge?

Discover how private your private life really is. Safeguard yourself rom scams and online threats.

How can I keep my work and personal life separate?

Become the best digital version of yourself, professionally and socially.

How can I become more authentic?

Find out how to make the best digital first impression. then keep it going to grow your influence.

What are the risks to my reputation?

Connect the dots across your digital self to understand how you could be misjudged.


When can I get access?

Visible is in preview and available via waitlist only. Priority will be given to Community Members. Join the community to claim your spot in line.

What data leaves my devices?

None. We've built Visible to be private-by design. We believe that personal reflection should always be private. Insights are for your eyes only.

How can I know if the insights are accurate?

Every Visible insight includes a list of observations that contribute to that insight. Because we always let you examine the underlying data, you don't need to worry about any inaccurate insights.