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Privacy begins with awareness

By gaining a true reflection of yourself in data, you'll learn how people and algorithms see you, and understand the data driving decisions about you.

Visible generates personalised cards, detailing different sides of your your Digital-Self. Each card has a Score, allowing you to decide what you make less visible, or more visible.

You'll change your habits and behaviour, ensuring your Digital-Self is used in the way you decide.


See and control your online image

For those for whom digital personal brand is business critical, looking to cultivate their online image to help build influence, win a deal, progress their career or build relationships.


Protect yourself against digital threats

For those who seek to protect themselves or others from risks of the digital world being inextricably linked to their everyday life.


Understand yourself in relation to others

For those wishing to understand group behaviours or want to compare themselves against their friends, their colleagues or the world at large.



Each card shows you a different side of your Digital-Self. Explore your cards, learn more about the data behind them and start seeing yourself from a new perspective.

Tasks and Goals

Let Visible help you achieve significant changes through small daily tasks. Set your own goals, and track how you're doing over time.

Private by Design

Insights about your digital-self are for your eyes only. Privacy is baked in the product design, architecture and implementation and transparently shared with our community.


Our daily activities span across our phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, and more. Visible privately gathers and analyses data across all your devices, aggregating the results into a single simple view of your digital-self on your mobile phone.